Little Langoor making too much noise

Location: Opp. Badami Caves, Badami, KA, India
Camera: Nikon D600

This shot of little Langoor making too much noise was captured near the temple on the other side of Badami Caves early in the morning. This temple is not visible from entrance, but is visible from the opposite hill where you will find caves.

Seagulls in Arabian Sea

Location: Surathkal Beach, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Camera: Canon Powershot SX 130 IS

I used to go out everyday in the evening to the nearby beach for a walk and my house is just 400 mts from beach. I usually don't see these birds and luckly on that day I had my camera in hand and shot this pic of sea bird. Surathkal is on west coast of India. There is a light house and a port nearby from this location.

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Weekend at Mutati

Location: Mutati, River Cavery, Karnataka, India
Camera: Canon Powershot SX 130 IS

Shot this pic when I had been to Mutati on a team outing and team building activity. Had been there during summer and hence less water. On the other side of the river is the forest which is protected by Karnataka forest department. We had to cross the river using a round boat named 'teppa'. This place is within 100 kms range from crowded and noisy city of Bangalore and is really a quite place. Nice place to spend weekend with friends and family, but have to be careful with wild animals. You will find dry forest in this region and forest fire is common here. 

Yawning Monkey in front of Badami Caves

Location: Badami, Karnataka, India

Camera: Nikon D600

Male monkey yawning early in the morning. In the background you will find a lake and the ancient 4th man made cave. This place is protected by ASI - Archaeological Survey of India and is one of famous tourists places under Karnataka Tourism – KSTDC. There are 4 man made caves and a natural cave. There is a fort on top of this cave. Also, there are too many ancient temples around. Best time is to visit during rainy season as there is a waterfall behind one of the temples and the pond will almost be full and the temple will be half submerged under water.

Evening traffic on Sanky Road

Location: Sanky Tank, Bangalore, India

Camera: Nikon D600, Nikon 50mm

This was my first shot using my Nikon Full frame camera D600. Evening traffic on Sanky Road as viewed from Sanky Tank at Malleshwaram in Bangalore. This is a place where people come everyday in the morning or evening for a walk and also on weekends as a place to visit. Here in Sank Tank you will find Yoga center, play park for children, bird view and open fitness center. Weekend will usually be crowded.

Evening at Dal Lake

Location: Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

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Camera: Nikon D600 with 14-24 mm ultra wide angle lens.
Camera Settings: Focal Length - 17mm, Exposure - 1/250, F Number f/8, ISO 110

This is one of the shots that I had captured of Dal Lake when I went for a walk along the Srinagar- Leh highway. Lot of tourists visit this place during Summer and stay in the boat house. This place is known for ‘Shikara’, where they will take you around in the lake and cover fountain, floating garden, flower market and the beautiful landscape.

Trekking through Naranag Pine forest

Location: Naranag Pine Forest, Naranag, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Camera: Nikon D600 + Nikon 14-24 mm Ultra wide angle Lens

Image was shot on the last day of my 8 days Kashmir Great Lakes trekking. It was a muddy trail, snow patch, raining and mist around. Had to walk for almost 25 kms on the last day of trekking else we would have missed our flight to go back home. It was hard for me with my heavy camera and the lens along with my day pack. Rain and muddy trail made it even more hard for us to walk here. Took my camera out for a while and captured this shot. On this day it was too much walk and had no control over my legs.