Dabbe Falls in Shimoga

Dabbe Falls is one of the famous falls in western Ghats, but not so known to people maybe because it's hard to reach the falls as it's deep in the jungle. The waterfall is about 600 feet high. You can reach the bottom of this falls during summer and is not very deep (almost 4 to 5 feet), but advised not to try this during monsoon.

As of this writing there is a jeep route which will take you all the way to Dabbe Falls near 'Gowdra Mane' (house), our vehicle (TT) could almost reached this place but did not go further because of the muddy track. It can be very challenging to go by your vehicle during monsoon as the jeep route is not made of concert or tar. From this house, it's a dangerous steep (80-85 degree slope) walk for about 30 minutes. Can be challenging for first time trekkers, need a rope if you want to go to the bottom of the falls. There is no way you can see the falls without getting down as it's in the middle of the jungle. The trekking trail is dangerous and slippery and you need to hold branches and roots to get down and climb up.

You need to get forest entry ticket before entering the forest at Shimoga or the local forest department and will cost Rs. 250 for entry and Rs. 50 more for trekking. One copy of your original photo ID card is a must and localities in this region will inform local police or forest dept that you are in that place. Also, you can stay over night at 'Gowdra Maney' in your sleeping bag. You need to make an entry of your name before entering the falls in the above mentioned house.

It was great fun for us and we stayed in our sleeping bag overnight with some night time photography and cooking on our own. Not much of wild animals in this region even though it's in the middle of jungle. Nice place to visit during summer. Check out the video below and don't forget to share.