Small waterfall but great weekend fun

This is about a small, not so fa waterfall which is not so famous but a nice place to hangout on a weekend located near Dabbe Falls. This waterfall above the Dabbe waterfalls in Shimoga and is about one kilometer before reaching Dabbe Falls. Check out my previous post on Dabbe Falls here [Link].

There is a mud road/ jeep track to reach this location, but trekking all the way to this place will be even more fun. This small waterfall is hardly a few meters in height and is less dangerous. But you need to be careful as it's slippery and also water current maybe high during monsoon. Ideal time would be to go after the monsoon season so that there is less water and you can get into the water to have fun.

The reason why you need to visit this place and why I consider this place to be better than other falls is - Falls like Jog or Dabbe are few hundreds of feet in height and will be dangerous. These falls are the best to see from far, but if you want to get into risk free water and have maximum fun, then this is the place you need to spend time.

Location: Near Dabbe Falls, Shimoga, Wester Ghats, Karnataka, India
Camera: Nikon D600 + 50mm 1.4d + 14-24mm lens + Tripod