Time lapse of Lightening and Rain in Bangalore City

It was a cloudy day and was about to rain. Usually, it doesn't rain during this time of the year (in April first week) unless there is some cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal. The temperature in Bangalore had reached almost 38 degree Celsius during day time and this first rain (in 2014) was more like nature's way of switching on air conditioner. The temperature had dropped more than ten degrees on the next day.

I was at home and just opened the window. It was nice to see lightening and heavy rain outside. So, I pulled out my camera and also, my tripod. Placed it right next to the window and focused it to infinity. I switched to manual focus and adjusted my camera settings to f4 and ISO 1600. Even though my lens had the capacity to go up to f 1.4 (which I had tried earlier), I opted for f 4 as it was too bright at f 1.4 even though it was dark outside. The street and industrial lights (light pollution) was enough to brighten up the sky.

While capturing lightening photos it's good to keep the shutter open for long time, but was not possible as I opted for time lapse feature within the camera and the lowest that I could opt for was 1 sec. Below is my first lightening and rain time lapse that I had captured.

Location: Malleshwaram, Bangalore,  India
Camera: Nikon D600 + Nikon 50 mm + Tripod