Aandi Gundi Night trek near Ramanagar

There is a small town named Ramanagar, in the Bangalore Mysore highway and is around 60 kms from Bangalore. Aandi Gundi is about 6 kms before Ramnagar to the left. To reach this village you need to cross railway track and go one km further. We stopped our car near pupil tree where there is a temple. This is the starting point to climb all the way up. We reached this place late at night and the entire village had gone to sleep. To reach the base of the peak, we had to cross the village and there were just too many street dogs enough for the villagers to wake up. We just continued walking  and there is another temple after which the hard unknown trail starts. There is no trail as such and we lost our way. Lucky it was full moon and we had our GPS and torch ready. After trying here and there we made our own way through the nearby smaller hill. The total trek is for about an hour or 90 minutes. There is enough space on top for trekkers to sleep there is no source of water. The night view and early morning view from peak is worth climbing. At night it's the Ramanagar city view or the street light view and in the morning it's the mist - fog covered nearby peaks. Don't forget to take mosquito repellent else you might keep yourself awake whole night even if you are in a sleeping bag. Check out the video below which will explain more. This is a nice weekend hangout place to kill time.