Surathkal Light house late in the evening

Even though I work in Bangalore as of this writing, I visit Surathkal (my home town) atleast once in every 1 or 2 months. I have seen people visiting this place in the evening as there is famous temple and a light house. But after sunset at around 7-8 pm you will hardly find anyone there. Even though I spent most of time time here in this place, I did not ever stay back after 7pm. Recently, I have been to this place with my Nikon D600 camera and a tripod along with Nikon lens. It was too perfect for me with clear sky and for me to experiment with low light photography. I had to wait for almost an hour to capture this with no one around, just the beam of light from light house. Also, I'm lucky enough to capture shooting star in the same image. I had captured this at around a distance of 500-750 meters from light house. Below is the image and camera settings that I have used to capture this low light photo of night sky along with the light house.
Camera: Nikon D600
Lens: Nikon 50mm FX prime lens 1.4D
Camera Settings: Exposure 30 secs, f/5, 50mm, IS0 800, No flash, Used Tripod.
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Panning shot of a motorcycle rider

If you look at the image below which I had captured, then the first thing that they ask is: 'Was the image edited using Photoshop? This is what many had asked even though I had captured this right infront of them and they were viewing it from my camera screen. Also, I did not even transfer it to my laptop for editing. This is called panning. Captured this shot early in the morning. I had to move my camera horizontally just to keep in phase with the speed of bike. Check out the camera settings below.

Camera: Nikon D600, Lens: 50mm/1.4d
Camera Settings: 50mm, exposure 1/10, f 4.5, ISO 100
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Remains of building at Kumta Beach

In the image below you will find some of the remains of an old building (not sure if it's a church) and also there is a long straight path. The path is made of proper red rock and doesn't look like some ordinary trekking trail as shown in the image below. This place is full of volcanic rocks. As you can see in the video below the granite rock is really colorful. Also check my previous post - Kumta Beach in Karnataka.Overall this place is a very beautiful, unspoiled place. Nice place to relax and the idea time to go there through the year. This place is around 30 kms from Gokarna and is well connected. 

Camera: Nikon D600 with 14-24mm lens
Camera Settings: 14mm, 1/400, f/10, ISO 100
Location: Kumta Beach, Karnataka, India
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Overnight stay near Satsar Lake

This was during my Himalayan trekking where I stayed overnight at Satsar Lake which is at 12,000 feet and the temperature was around 5 degree Celsius. The place where we had camped was after the Satsar lake on the way to Gangbal twin lake. One of the most beautiful places on earth and definitely want to visit this place again. Captured this image of night sky and used my sleeping bag as tripod as I did not have one, to avoid camera shake and blurring of image. I believe it was full moon and this is the reason why the nearby hill is bright. It was too cold outside, managed to capture this sitting inside my tent with just my camera and head out. Also, this place is very close to India Pakistan line of control.

Camera and lens: Nikon D600, Nikon 14-24mm lens
Camera Settings: Focal Length 17mm, Exposure 5s, F Number f/2.8, ISO 4000, No Tripod, No Flash
Location: Satsar Lake, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Beach that you need to visit

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth which is beautiful, peaceful, unspoiled and a must visit place. This place is around 600 kms from Bangalore and is a over night journey. It's close to Kumta and Gokarna city. Captured this image in the afternoon at around 2:45pm, on the way from Holanagadde Beach to Sangam Beach. You do not see to many people here and some love it this way. You might find few foreigners who have come to this place to spend their vacation and learn Yoga. In the image below you see some of my friends who were with me walking along the seashore. Watch the two videos below and also the photo that I have captured.
Camera: Nikon D600, 14-24mm lens
Camera Settings: Focal Length 14mm, Exposure 1/400, f/10, ISO 100
Location: On the way from Holanagadde Beach to Sangam Beach, Karnataka, India

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Holanagadde beach, Karnataka, India

Sangam Beach, Karnataka, India

Evening at Om Beach, Karnataka, India

Om beach another beautiful beach and is next to Goa in India when it comes to foreign visitors. Another beautiful beach, unspoiled. This place may be a bit crowded sometimes during peak season. I had been there during my Kumta - Gokarna trekking and had spent evening playing volley ball in the beach. It was great fun and we even took a dip in the sea water. There is a shelter house and bathroom available till 6pm at Om Beach near the Forest Department office. This place is the one which you need to visit and stay there for a while if you want to get relaxed. There are enough number of Yoga centers nearby. This place is controlled by Forest Department and it's common to see police officers in most of the places. So, consider this place to be a safe place. Check out the video below before you visit this place.

Camera: Nikon D600 with 14-25mm lens
Location: Om Beach, Gokarna, North-West Karnataka, India.
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Paradise Beach in Karnataka

Here is a beach which you don't want to miss located near Gokarna in the north-west coast of Karnataka state, India. Beautiful and clean beach will hilly terrain. I had been to this place on a weekend for trekking to the nearby place. Boat ride is very cheap and you can enjoy to the max. You will find river/fresh water dolphins in the seashore, and you will be lucky to see this only when you go by boat around the Paradise beach. There is a light house which adds as an extra wow to your photos. Check out the some of the images in the YouTube video that I have captured. This place is safe to visit as you will find police all around and lot of foreign visitors here. Also, this place is well maintained by forest department.

Camera: Nikon D600 with Nikon wide angle 14-24 mm lens.
Location: Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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Singer KK performing at KTPO in Bangalore

It was annual day at my work place and had a great fun this time. After all our office related events, it was fun at work and we had a special guest this time. Singer KK (one of the famous singers here in India) was invited here to sing for about an hour. He voice is behind many of the past bollywood movie songs. We all had a great evening and a great weekend at office.

Camera: Nikon D600, 50 mm lens
Camera Settings: Focal Length 50mm, Exposure 1/80, F Number f/4.5, ISO 400
Location: KTPO, Bangalore, India

Happy Kid from Russia

Captured this photo of a young little shy girl who had come with her parents to stay at Sangam Beach. Spoke her dad came to know that they are from Russia, and had come to India to stay in the beach hut which they love the most. Captured this kid's photo when she had come out of their hut with her mother. Asked her about her friends and she pointed to the little kitten. People from all round the world come here, learn Yoga and spend their vacation in the beach huts here.

Camera: Nikon D600. Lens: 50 mm prime. Settings: 1/100, IS0 400, f/5
Location: Sangam Beach, KA, India (

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Kumta Beach in Karnataka

Had been to Trekking with my friends, from Kumta to Gokarna Beach for 2 days. Spent over night at Sangam beach in our sleeping bags. These are some of the images that I captured at Kumta Beach located within 30 kms from Gokarna. This was the starting point of our trekking all the way till Gokarna.

Camera: Nikon D600
Location: Kumta Beach, Karnataka, India

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Mangodlu Beach in Karnataka

Mangodlu beach located around 20 kms from Gokarna is a beautiful place with beach which is not polluted at all. Not too many visitors visit this place, but if you go there you will love this place because of the quite and clean beach. Here in this region you will find some hilly terrain and in some of the parts there is no seashore. Other local attractions include - Kumta beach, Vanamali beach, Holanagadde beach, Sangam beach, Barka beach, Tadadi port, Aganashini river bank, Paradise beach, Halfmoon beach, Om beach, Kudle beach, Gokarna beach, Gokarna Temple.

Camera: Nikon D600
Location: Mangodlu Beach, in between Kumta and Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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One night beach stay

I'm from Mangalore and I used to stay hardly 300-400 meters from Surathkal beach for 22 years, but did not ever make an attempt to stay over night at beach. But now after 7 years in Bangalore, I went to 2 days weekend trekking from Kumta to Gokarna covering a distance of 30 kms in 2 days by walk and boat.  For the first time I spent whole night at beach with my friends. It was great fun to cook, set up campfire, and fun activities that we had after dinner. It was a total different experience to sleep at seashore in our sleeping bag. We were worried a bit about the waves and in the morning I overheard some of them saying that they could hear crabs passing right next to them. I just had a very good sleep, after walking on the previous day for more than 10-15 kms in the beach.

Camera: Nikon D600, Nikon 14 - 24 mm lens
Location: Sangam Beach near Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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Gokarna City Festival

I have been to Gokarna in the recent past during my Kumta to Gokarna beach trekking which was for 2 days and covered a distance of 30 kms by walk and boat. Covered multiple places including Om beach, Paradise beach and Halfmoon beach. Lot of tourists come to this place every year. We went to Gokarna Mahabaleshwara Shiva temple late in the evening and after visiting the temple we had our dinner there. It was festival time - Deepotsava. It was really nice to see each and every one come out of their house put rangoli in front of their house. Check out this video. It was more like festival of lights and this is performed on the day of full moon. At 9pm in the evening the grand celebration begins inside the temple premises. This place had equal number of locals and foreign tourists who had come to Gokarna to stay on long term. Just liked the local tradition and cultured that were being followed in this region of Gokarna located at North West Karnataka in India, makes this a must visit place.

Camera: Nikon D600 
Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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Beach Trek from Kumta to Gokarna

I had been to (Full Moon) Beach trek with my BASC friends on a weekend. We all had great time there with loads of fun, cooking, campfire, full moon beach walk, exploring the unknown trail, boat ride, evening bath at sea and finally the festival at Gokarna temple. I wish if every weekend were to be like this. There were first timers and experienced trekkers, but this was a totally different experience - all in the sea shore including dinner, campfire and over night stay. We covered Kumta Beach, vanamali beach, Mangodlu beach, Holanagadde beach, Sangam beach, Barka beach, Tadadi port, Aganashini river bank, Paradise beach, Halfmoon beach, Om beach, Kudle beach, Gokarna beach and Gokarna Temple. Let me not write more instead check out all my video and photos and enjoy. Also, don't forget to share it with your friends and to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the latest updates.

Camera & Lens: Nikon D600, Nikon 50 mm 1.4 d, Nikon 14-24 mm + Tripod.
Location: Sagar, Kumta to Gokarna, North-West Karnataka, India.

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And our photos:

Timelapse (Photography) of Night Traffic in Bangalore

The video below is the timelapse of late evening traffic on Outer Ring Road near Mahadevapura in Bangalore from Bagmaney World tech park's office building. Took around half an hour to capture this. Watch this video with 1080p or highest possible quality. 

Camera: Nikon D600, Nikon 14-24mm lens
Location: Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bangalore, KA, India
Camera Settings: Exposure: 4 sec Total time: 16 mins *4 ISO 400, f 2.8, FX lens, Full Frame

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Boat ride at OM Beach

I had been to full moon beach trek recently with my friends. We had to walk from Kumta to Gokarna beach in 2 days covering a distance of 30 kms. We managed to reach the port and a river. we had to cross the river, but as we did not have enough time and had lost our way earlier in the trek.. we decided to cover halfmoon beach, paradise beach, Om beach by boat. We enjoyed the boat ride. Check out this video and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more updates on photography.

Camera: Nikon D600 and Nikon 14-24mm wide angle lens to capture this video. 

Timelapse (Photography) of Sunset at Arabian Sea

Shot this time lapse video when I had been to full moon beach trekking from Kumta to Gokarna located in the north Karnataka, west coast of India. Keep my camera on timelapse mode for 30 mins and went out to set my camp site and to fetch firewood for campfire that night.

Camera: Nikon D600
Lens: 14-24mm lens + Tripod
Camera Settings: Exposure: 2 sec, ISO 200, Total time 30 mins, f 2.8
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Light House during Monsoon

It was all dark and was about to rain in the evening, all alone in the beach when I shot this picture. Picture of light house, a tower and a temple from a distance of more than a km away. I spent my childhood and college days here and used to go for a walk in the evening almost everyday. Love this place.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX130 IS

Location: Surathkal Beach, Mangalore, KA, India

New visitor at home -Peacock

In my blog when I speak about visitors it usually is about computers and humans. But once in a while we do get really unique visitors, but this time its at home and not my blog. Captured this picture of peacock which was on top of fence behind my mom's garden. Quickly pulled my point and shoot camera to capture this.
Camera: Canon Powershot SX130 IS
Location: Surathkal, Mangalore, KA, India

Srinagar-Leh Highway

I had captured this image while going by cab (Tata Sumo) to Sonamarg from Srinagar. Just put my head out to capture this beautiful landscape with a house to the left side. As you can see in this image, the roof is covered with a metal sheet. Almost all houses here in this region have this on top of their house. During winter there will be heavy snowfall and these metal sheets will not allow snow to stay on top and can slide easily. I visited this place during summer (Aug 2013) and I could see only few patches of snow high above. Its almost 2 to 3 hours of ride from Srinagar to Sonamarg. A must visit place for its beautiful landscape. Below is the photo that I have uploaded on my Google Plus account and Facebook. Follow my page for more pics.

Camera: Nikon D600
Lens: 14-24mm Nikon FX lens
Location: On the way from Srinagar to Sonamarg.

Little Langoor making too much noise

Location: Opp. Badami Caves, Badami, KA, India
Camera: Nikon D600

This shot of little Langoor making too much noise was captured near the temple on the other side of Badami Caves early in the morning. This temple is not visible from entrance, but is visible from the opposite hill where you will find caves.

Seagulls in Arabian Sea

Location: Surathkal Beach, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Camera: Canon Powershot SX 130 IS

I used to go out everyday in the evening to the nearby beach for a walk and my house is just 400 mts from beach. I usually don't see these birds and luckly on that day I had my camera in hand and shot this pic of sea bird. Surathkal is on west coast of India. There is a light house and a port nearby from this location.

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Weekend at Mutati

Location: Mutati, River Cavery, Karnataka, India
Camera: Canon Powershot SX 130 IS

Shot this pic when I had been to Mutati on a team outing and team building activity. Had been there during summer and hence less water. On the other side of the river is the forest which is protected by Karnataka forest department. We had to cross the river using a round boat named 'teppa'. This place is within 100 kms range from crowded and noisy city of Bangalore and is really a quite place. Nice place to spend weekend with friends and family, but have to be careful with wild animals. You will find dry forest in this region and forest fire is common here. 

Yawning Monkey in front of Badami Caves

Location: Badami, Karnataka, India

Camera: Nikon D600

Male monkey yawning early in the morning. In the background you will find a lake and the ancient 4th man made cave. This place is protected by ASI - Archaeological Survey of India and is one of famous tourists places under Karnataka Tourism – KSTDC. There are 4 man made caves and a natural cave. There is a fort on top of this cave. Also, there are too many ancient temples around. Best time is to visit during rainy season as there is a waterfall behind one of the temples and the pond will almost be full and the temple will be half submerged under water.

Evening traffic on Sanky Road

Location: Sanky Tank, Bangalore, India

Camera: Nikon D600, Nikon 50mm

This was my first shot using my Nikon Full frame camera D600. Evening traffic on Sanky Road as viewed from Sanky Tank at Malleshwaram in Bangalore. This is a place where people come everyday in the morning or evening for a walk and also on weekends as a place to visit. Here in Sank Tank you will find Yoga center, play park for children, bird view and open fitness center. Weekend will usually be crowded.

Evening at Dal Lake

Location: Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

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Camera: Nikon D600 with 14-24 mm ultra wide angle lens.
Camera Settings: Focal Length - 17mm, Exposure - 1/250, F Number f/8, ISO 110

This is one of the shots that I had captured of Dal Lake when I went for a walk along the Srinagar- Leh highway. Lot of tourists visit this place during Summer and stay in the boat house. This place is known for ‘Shikara’, where they will take you around in the lake and cover fountain, floating garden, flower market and the beautiful landscape.

Trekking through Naranag Pine forest

Location: Naranag Pine Forest, Naranag, Jammu & Kashmir, India

Camera: Nikon D600 + Nikon 14-24 mm Ultra wide angle Lens

Image was shot on the last day of my 8 days Kashmir Great Lakes trekking. It was a muddy trail, snow patch, raining and mist around. Had to walk for almost 25 kms on the last day of trekking else we would have missed our flight to go back home. It was hard for me with my heavy camera and the lens along with my day pack. Rain and muddy trail made it even more hard for us to walk here. Took my camera out for a while and captured this shot. On this day it was too much walk and had no control over my legs.