Kukke Subramanya Temple in Karnataka

This place is around 2 hours from Mangalore and had to leave early in the morning. Reached there on time and captured this early in the morning. Image shows the entrance of Kukke Subramanya Hindu temple, one of the very famous and richest temple in southern India. To the left of the entrance is the chariot. Right behind the temple is the very famous trekking spot - Kumara Parvata. It takes a bit less than a day to climb all the way up. This place is know for poisonous snakes as is common to find once you enter the forest behind. This place is in the rain forest region of Dakshina Kannada and is known for heavy rain. Not an ideal time to visit this place during rainy season. 

Camera: Canon Powershot SX 100 IS
Location: Kukke Temple, Subramanya, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India

Reflection of arecanut plantation

Captured this image of a not so big pond but deep enough for some one to drown. Used basically for irrigation purpose to the nearby areca nut plantation. Water looks a big green in color. Captured the reflection of areca plantation. Here in this place, people grow this and is the main source of income.

Camera: Nikon D600 with Nikon 50mm lens
Location: Puttur, Karnataka, India

Different view of Gokarna Beach

This is the most beautiful scenic view from Nirvana and Barka Beach. In the foreground is the Barka beach which has a hilly terrain. It was a bit hard to reach this place as there was no known terrain. We lost our way and we just made our own way to reach the peak. In the middle is the river Aghanashini Estuary and you can see a ferry on the way from Arabian sea to Tadadi Port. In the background is the all the famous tourist attractions - Half Moon beach, Paradise Beach, Om Beach and the Gokarna Beach. Also, you can see the light house in between. This region is taken care by forest department and is one of the most beautiful places, a must visit place to all. Lot of foreigners visit this place during vacation.

Camera: Nikon D600 with Nikon 14-24mm lens
Location: Nirvana & Barka Beach near Gokarna, Karnataka, India
High Quality Image and to buy this photo click here: http://500px.com/RavindraJoisa

Sringeri - The 8th Century Monastery

Captured this photo when I had been to Sringeri. One of the oldest 8th century monastery. The old building that you see is the Sringeri Sharadha Peetha or Sringeri Matta. It's a must visit place if you have plans to travel to south India. Right next to this ancient Matta is the river Tunga and on the other side is the Sharada temple. This place is around 100+ kms from Mangalore and is around 300+ kms from Bangalore.

Camera: Nikon D600, Nikon 14-24mm lens
Camera Settings: 19mm, 1/250, f/8, ISO 100
Location: Sringeri, Karnataka, India

Note: Photography inside the temple isn't allowed.

Beautiful night sky colors

Captured this image late in the evening from Hosabettu Beach located in the west coast of Karnataka, India. It was a perfect evening during just before Christmas, with clear sky. I captured few time lapse videos of the sunset and have been experimenting with low light photography. 

In the background of this image on top is the dark sky just after sunset with starts and planets that are visible. What I love here is the different colors from orange to blue and then the gradual darkness as you see high above. If you look into the source of light then you will find two of them - one is the natural sunset and the other is from the port nearby which is to the left.

In the middle is the Arabian sea to the right and seashore to the left. Those bright light in the sea are from small fishing boats and the ship that are waiting in queue to enter the New Mangalore Port. To the left is the famous Panambur Beach, search lights from coast guard  and also the street light . You can also see the sea waves (seen as just a layer of water because of long exposure). 

In the foreground is the reflection of night sky and also the star/planet. Captured this image almost 30 to 45 mins after sunset. With no one in the beach after sunset, it was the perfect time to capture a photo of this kind. Used my tripod to capture this image in low light and long exposure photo, to avoid any blurring of image.

Camera: Nikon D600 Lens: Nikon 14-24mm FX lens (wide angle)
Settings: Tripod, 14 mm, 30 sec, f/20, ISO 2000

Tulu Nadu Festival at Mangalore

I had been to my hometown Mangalore located in the west coast of Karnataka, India. Unfortunately I did not have my camera at that time and pulled out my mobile phone - Samsung Galaxy Note. Used my phone camera to capture this with the auto settings. Did not have much time to capture as the crowd around were moving fast. Wasn't sure if I could enter in between while the procession was going on and also there were fire crackers being burst around. Love the bright color of the traditional dress made of araca nut / palm plant. Love to see people keeping the coastal Karnataka tradition alive.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note
Location: Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

On the way to Sringeri

Captured this picture on the way from Mangalore to Sringeri just after the rain forest and western ghats. I was standing on a hanging bridge with crystal clear water in the foreground and reflection of sunlight. In the middle left is the state highway and middle left and to the right is the fresh bright green rain forest. In the background is the western ghats with bright blue clean sky. It was just too perfect, really peaceful place. Local people use this hanging bridge to walk and cross the small river below. The depth of the river isn't too much and it was crystal clear. You could easily see the colorful rocks and fish below. 

Camera: Nikon D600 Lens: 14-24 mm FX Nikon
Camera Settings: 14mm, 1/250 sec, f/8, ISO 110
Buy this photo at: http://500px.com/photo/56962982
Location: Mangalore - Srigeri Highway, 60km before Sringeri after Western Ghats.